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Friday, January 3, 2014

Obsessed // Ginger Beers

I'm not a big soda fan, but I do love root beers and, especially, ginger beers. The cool thing about both of these beverages is that you can easily find lots of awesome, small-batched flavors and variations from all over the globe.

In the fall, Todd sent me an attractive collection that he found in Las Vegas. Check out the rad labels on these guys! Lemon Lime and Bitters (curious to try this one) and ginger beer from Bundaberg (Australia) and Cock and Bull Ginger Beer. These all use real sugar and no corn syrup (yum and yay!).

Something else that I normally find with some of these is that they come in really rad bottles. For example, the short ginger beer bottle is adorable. I've been searching for vase-like containers to make wall mounts for single flowers. Bottles like this will be absolutely perfect!

Do you have any favorite and fun sodas?

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