MINI PENNY: Snowfall and The Undercut

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Snowfall and The Undercut

It was exactly three months ago that I came home crying from an appointment at the hair salon. I had chopped my hair into a bob — removing seven inches. I was devastated. Granted, I got used to the cut and ended up loving it, but the initial shock of the drastic change bummed me out majorly.

Fast forward.

I've been wanting an undercut. Like, poor Brock has had to listen to me weigh pros and cons over and over again for the last couple of weeks — do I have a funny shaped head? Would my head be cold? Do I have too many wrinkles on my forehead? And most importantly, can I keep my half and half? On a whim yesterday, I went over to Belmont Barbershop to get myself a men's cut.

I'm in love.

There was certainly some intimidation being a woman going into a barbershop. I don't know why, really, but I imagined it as some sort of man sanctuary where I'd be talked down to (this is coming from my experience as being a woman and going into bicycle shops, etc). It was quite the opposite. I think the barbers were a bit confused when I walked in with a bob, but I had Greg cut my hair and he was fantastic.

And I'll be damned if I don't feel a bit liberated. My head feels so good. My hair feels healthy (I really needed to chop it off after all of the damage I've done to it). My f*king beanies stay on my head.

Plus, I learned something about myself that I otherwise never would have known. I have a salmon patch birthmark on the back of my neck. Weird.

Bonus: this belt makes me feel like a heavyweight champion.

Cropped sweater, Forever 21 [similar]
Metal belt, Nasty Gal [similar]
Double Slit Maxi Dress, Urban Outfitters [similar]
Ringo Boot, Modern Vice
The Golden Triangle Necklace, Ashaloo on Etsy

Photos by Brock Myres

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