MINI PENNY: Weekstagram // January 12

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weekstagram // January 12

I have officially changed my social handles to @MINIPENNYBLOG on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Oh yeah, and I made this jacket from an old tattered Woody Allen shirt I had. I didn't want to throw it out, so I decided to make it into a back patch. // Latergram of Brock and brunch. I posted this during Chicago's deep freeze last week while Brock and I were cuddling under about ten blankets. Seriously, that jawline.

A couple of updates about this post.
Thanks to everyone's suggestions about contacting various animal services. The dog has barely been outside at all since I reported them, so I'm guessing that someone stopped by their home! YAY!
I'm currently working it out with the company on the whole image-stealing deal.

And today I booked some bus tickets. I love your suggestions on cool places (photo spots), thrifting, vintage shopping, food, and people!

March 8 — Nashville
One day only. I haven't been to Nashville in a very long time.

March 13-17 — Detroit
And old, dear friend of mine recently took a job in Detroit and moved away from Chicago. I've never been to Detroit and will have a day or two to explore on my own. I'm very open to suggestions (including cool abandoned building)!

March 27-April 1 — Columbus
I haven't been back home to Ohio since I moved away in 2011. I had a trip planned ages ago, but it fell through when I got offered the job in Philly. I have a lot of friends there and some old familiar haunts I'll be checking out. I seriously cannot wait for Ohio thrifting!

I'm also contemplating a trip to NYC During the week of February 10th to see Woody Allen at the Carlyle and explore a bit. This is something I'd want to do on the cheap, so I'm looking for someone to possibly stay with from 2/10-2/13 or 14!

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