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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Win The Day // Try Clearasil for Free!

The new year has been good so far — I've felt motivated, healthy, and creative. Recently, I teamed up with Clearasil and Refinery 29 to share how I "Win the Day" — and how Clearasil Daily Clear products help me keep my skin clear and healthy in the new year! A key part in me winning my days? An effortless skincare routine that is so easy and hassle free — it gives me time to focus on all of the other busy parts of my life!

Every morning (ahem, to quote Beyoncé, I woke up like dis), I get up and wash my face. It has been part of my routine for many, many years, and is a great step to feeling refreshed and clean all day!

And of course — my morning coffee. Even in the Chicago winter, I love to enjoy a cup while sitting on my fire escape. I have a pretty good view of my neighborhood and seeing it blanketed in snow can be really beautiful! Sometimes I take my iPad to my local coffee shop to answer emails and get out of the apartment. It's a great way to see people, explore my neighborhood, and get some work done with few distractions.

And of course — I spend a lot of my time making new bags for An Honest Tote, writing, and photographing for Mini Penny! I keep a pretty strict calendar and know exactly what I need to work on to win every day!

And onto my skin...

Just a few days ago I saw someone Tweet something along the lines of "I'm almost 22, when will I stop getting acne?" Oh dear. I'm 27 and I still get breakouts. Sure, when I was a pre-teen and teen (yes, my acne started when I was around 12), I had terrible acne. It was so bad that my mom put me on Accutane (yikes), which did absolutely nothing for me. I *gulp* had to "wait it out."

So that's been fifteen years ago. My skin is leaps and bounds ahead of what it was then, but that doesn't mean I get to quit fighting breakouts — especially around the time of my period. Nowadays I wear more makeup than I did back then, and it's so very important that I clean my skin regularly.

When Refinery 29 + Clearasil contacted me to see if I wanted to try out their Daily Clear line of cleansers, I was excited. The main reason because I was already using their Oil-Free face wash and have been for some time. I was ready to try out other products, so they sent me part of their Superfruit line!

Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Wash
Switched from: Clearasil Daily Clear Oil Free Face Wash
This is my morning routine face wash. When I get up, I wash my face with a gentle cleanser and warm water. I don't see a huge difference between this and my previous face wash, except for the smell. It's not a heavy smell (I was worried it would smell like cheap Suave shampoo... thankfully I was wrong!), but is just faint enough that Brock commented on my "face smelling good." Haha! But afterwards, my skin feel nice and clean, without being dry nor stiff!

Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Scrub
Switched from: Target brand Up & Up Apricot Blemish Scrub
I use this scrub when I wash my face in the shower, so roughly every 1-2 days. Like the face wash, it has a nice scent. In comparison to my apricot scrub, I am happy that the exfoliating elements ("beads"?) is much finer and less abrasive than my apricot scrub. The consistency of the scrub is fluffy and creamy, so it makes a nice lather at the same time. Because of this, I think this is a wash I could use on a daily basis, unlike my rougher apricot scrub! And just because it's finer doesn't mean it doesn't exfoliate as well — it left my skin feeling just as great, but with less redness!

Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Pads
In addition to: Target brand Up & Up Sensitive Skin Baby Wipes 
Okay, yes, you read that right. Baby wipes. Hear me out. I got so sick of paying lots of money for packs of makeup remover wipes. Well, come to find out, baby wipes are just as amazing — and so much cheaper. For the cost of one small pack of face remover wipes, I can get three big packs of Target brand sensitive skin wipes. They're amazing. Moving on — so each evening, I remove makeup with baby wipes. Then I use these Superfruit pads. I remember trying skincare pads like these in high school and hating them — they smelled like straight alcohol. The Superfruit pads, however, don't have as strong of an alcohol oder. And they're wetter (is that a weird thing to say?). I was surprised at how much dirt and gunk came off of my face even though I thought it was cleaned with the baby wipe. These Superfruit pads are an awesome addition to my nightly routine.

❖ Great scent!
❖ Affordable and easy to find at drugstores.
❖ Not as drying as I expected
❖ Left my skin feeling nice, smooth, and clean
❖ The wash comes in a pump container. So easy and convenient!
❖ The scrub has an awesome fluffy texture and isn't abrasive.
❖ They're pink and match my purple + pink bathroom (haha, sorry. Had to!)
❖ And, yikes, I'm gonna talk about it. Backne. Thankfully, I don't really have this issue anymore, but I did when I was a teen. The face wash can totally double as a body wash if need be!

❖ All of the products still contain alcohol — which my dry skin would prefer I stay away from. However, they're not as bad as other cleansers, so with the right moisturizer I'm alright!
❖ I would actually love to see Clearasil come out with a line of moisturizers to compliment their Superfruit line and complete the full skincare routine! Wouldn't that be awesome?

Over the course of the couple of weeks, these are the only cleaners I've been using and my skin has been amazing (even with the sub-zero Chicago temperatures). I started using these cleaners on the first day of my menstrual cycle and was surprised to get only one pimple — thankfully it was on my forehead, so I could hide it with my bangs! I've been using and will continue to use these cleaners in conjunction with my Lulu Blossom day cream moisturizer for lovely, clear skin!

And guess what? You too can try this Clearasil Superfruit for free after mail in rebate! Check out all of the details here.

How do you Win the Day? Tell me below in the comments or by tweeting it with the hashtag #wintheday and by tagging @clearasil!

This post was sponsored by Refinery 29 and Clearasil, but I am fully behind these products! I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about them — just leave a comment!

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