MINI PENNY: WomanCrush Wednesday // Melanie Brown

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WomanCrush Wednesday // Melanie Brown

I can say with full confidence that Melanie Brown, aka Scary Spice, was my very first woman crush. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I loved the Spice Girls growing up (and still do) — but there was something that drew me to Scary.

I was pretty bookish as a kid. I kept a journal. I liked animals and draw pictures of them all the time. I kept to myself a lot. But Mel B was loud, in-your-face, and spoke her mind. I think subconsciously I looked up to her in that way. As a bonus, I envied her hair. I mean, crap, I had some dirty blonde Hansen-esque bob. And Mel B was a woman with incredible curls. In 6th grade, my friends and me had our very own "Spice Girls Group." Each of us had our characters (I was always Scary) and we would dance around and dress up. During the 6th grade talent show, my friend's mom tried to tease and curl my hair to look like Mel B. It wasn't even close.

I would also give her props for my everlasting, un-ironic love for leopard print.

When the Spice Girls broke up, I was bummed, but I was also growing into a phase of punk rock and hardcore. Many years when I revisited the Spice Girls, I very much have admired Mel B's work in fitness and beauty. Everything that I love about her as a kid, she has continued as a career.

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