MINI PENNY: Four Ways to Wear an Undercut

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Four Ways to Wear an Undercut

One of the things I love so much about this haircut is that it's versatile. Actually, it's far more so than I ever thought it would be. For any of my readers who have an undercut or are considering it and want some ideas for how to style it, check out these tips!

For starters, these are the products I used for the following looks. I've gone over the Lay Rite and Brother Moe's spray in a previous post about short hair, and the NYM Seat Salt Spray in an earlier round-up. Additionally, you'll want to have a 1/2" flat iron, a comb, a salon clip, and a small brush.

ghd was kind enough to send me one of their Gold Professional 1/2" flat irons. Since I recently cut my hair, my current 1" flat iron wasn't a good option for curling. This is a game changer for me. It's a really lovely, streamlined iron — and what truly blows my mind is that it takes around 15 seconds to fully heat up. It's compact enough that it will be easy to travel with. And it does a great job on my hair (more on that in a moment). The only thing I wish was different about it is the protective case/cap. It slides on and is minimal, but it doesn't stay on. It would be nice if there were some grooves for it to snap into and stay into place just to help protect the plates while traveling and whatnot.

Okay, onto my hair!

Alright, so this is my normal hair. Bed head on a good day. This is my day-to-day standard. Someone once told me I look like David Lynch. I'm into it.

The Good Guy

When I first went in for the cut, this was precisely what I wanted. A men's undercut, slicked back. My hair has a lot of body, so it's easy for me to get a simple pompadour.

To achieve this look, start with wet hair. I use a pea sized amount of Miss Jessie's Leave in Condish and blow dry my hair by pulling it up and back on the fronts and sides. I have a callick on the front and two in the back, so the blowdrying is really important for me. After doing this a few times, my hair is trained to stay back really well.

After my hair is dry, I use the flat iron on my ends to slightly curl them towards my head and avoid stray hairs. I take a teaspoon of Lay Rite Pomade, rub it in both hands, and apply a little to the front and sides, and making sure to pay attention to the little duck tail in the back. For my look, do not apply pomade anywhere except the sides. This allows to middle to stay a little moveable and is a lot of fun. If you have really curly hair and want more hold, you can apply and extra teaspoon throughout your hair.

Use a comb to comb through your hair, spreading the pomade evenly. After that, you can use a brush to pull up the front pompadour just a bit.

If your hair doesn't have a lot of body, try using some dry shampoo or powder on your roots prior to applying the pomade!

The Hades

I was inspired to try this look after seeing on my Tumblr dashboard. Why do I call it Hades? Because it reminds me this guy. Anyway, this is so easy to do with the 1/2" flat iron. Start by blow drying your hair the same way we went over the the Good Guy style. Do not put any product in it just yet.

Once your hair is dry, make a small section in the back to start curling and clip the front out of the way. Taking 1/2-1" sections, start curling your hair using the curling iron towards the top of your head. Continue curling sections until you're all the way to the front.

When you get to the front, curl you hair away from your face. Again, my hair has a lot of body, but if you need a little help, use some dry shampoo or powder. Since this undercut goes to about the corner of my eyes, it can be styled up without looking like that mohawk/fauxhawk your cousin gives her toddler. It's okay, we all have one of those in our families.

Another thing to keep in mind with this style is that I usually do it about after a week of having the Good Guy style. Since my hair is short, I hardly ever need to wash it (which is awesome since I've been trying to distance myself from shampoo), so this is a good 'save' for 'dirty' hair or crazy bed head.

Party in the Front

I wanted a way to wear my hair and be able to still wear hats. Frankly, when I wear hats with the previous two styles, I look ... weird. And hairless. Like a hairless cat. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

When your hair is wet, spray it with Brother Joe's. Blow dry your hair forward into your face. This could be a good transition cut for someone just getting into the undercut who hasn't trained their hair to slick back yet.

Use the flat iron to slightly curl your ends towards your face. Lightly mist all of your hair with sea salt spray to create piecey, lived-in texture. This works really well with my callicks since they have a tendency to go forwards!

Add a hat and instantly become a bad bitch.

The Tegan

The Tegan is a good option for that multiple days of wearing a front-styled undercut. This also gives a lot of body that looks really great with hats. And hey, sometimes you have a pimple that you want to cover.

Blow dry your hair the same way you did for the Party in the Front. Use your curling iron to curl on the front bits and forward 1/3 of your sides. You either a tiny bit of pomade or some spray wax to give your hair a little bit of hold and body. You can see what this looks like with a beanie at the top of the page!

What's your favorite way to style short hair?

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