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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Have Unwanted Samples? Try eDivv

Sometime last month, I was invited to join the beta version of a new service called eDivv. What is eDivv? Well, the concept is great — swap your cosmetics samples for items that you actually want. So many of us are signing up for a variety of different subscription sample boxes. I've had pretty decent luck with my boxes over the years — most of the time I end up with half a box of items I like, and half that I could live without.

For a while, bloggers, vloggers, and other subscribers have been utilizing message boards to arrange swaps. What eDivv does is provide a free 'marketplace' to exchange these items and provide accountability. Here's how to swap — or as they call it, "Divvy" (Chicagoans, that's not to be confused with our city bicycle-rental service):

Sign up with eDivv for an account. I have mine linked to Facebook to make it ultra easy. You can set up a profile that lets other users know what you're looking for!
Start listing items! It's an easy two-page process. Take a photo (bonus — the site is iOS friendly, so uploading from your iPhone or iPad is easy!), fill in the details about the brand, size, and condition, and you're set.
Start browsing! I normally check the 'Recently Listed' tab twice a day to keep an eye on anything I may want.
Once you see something you want, offer something from your eDivv shop for trade. The other user gets an email and then can either accept, decline, or counteroffer for a different item.
Once you have a successful Divvy, you'll get a notification that includes the swapper's mailing address.
Mail it! In a few days, you'll receive the item you requested and an email from eDivv asking you to rate your Divvy partner. This is where the accountability comes in! You can rate your swapper and leave comments.

So far I've done over twenty successful swaps — everything from nail polish to jewelry to face wash samples. It's been an awesome way for me to clear out my unwanted cosmetics and get some products that I've been wanting to try!

Tips for Divvying
Take your own photos if possible. The photos on the details page are rectangular and horizontal. Think if you were shooting with your phone in horizontal mode. This will make sure your photos fit and other Divvy'ers can see your product.
If you're swapping nail polish, try to include a nail swatch!
Use this PayPal link to create shipping labels. You can include the swapper's email so that they will be able to track their items.
Bubble wrap! I tend to hoard packaging — I have a stash of small boxes and bubble wrap that are perfect for mailing nail polishes and other fragile swaps.
Not only can you swap samples, but a lot of users are swapping full sized products that are new and lightly used.

There are, however, a few ways I'd love to see eDivv improve. It's so new that there is totally time for it to evolve.

First of all, I'd love to see a 'like' or 'save for later' list. I think this would make it easier to try and do big Divvys at once instead of bombarding someone with multiple requests. Another would be comments. This would help users ask swappers questions — sort of like Poshmark and Threadflip. It would also be great to be able to see other users' rating directly on their shop page rather than having to click through to a product. Bonus — it would be awesome to be able to favorite someone's shop — then to have a feed of that persons's new additions to their eDivv store.

Overall, I've been really happy with eDivv. I've gotten a lot of samples and cleaned out my cosmetics drawers. Are any of you using eDivv? If so, let's swap!

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