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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Muppet Coat

I've been lusting over finding a Muppet coat for a while. Like, a really fluffy one — pink or black or white. I love the plush monster-fur versions, but many I've found as of recent have been a little too "real." I want one that it obviously (maybe even comically) faux.

I got this one in the mail recently and I'm honestly ...not stoked on it. It's fine and cute, but I'm not in love. I think it's the neckline. Or the sleeves. Either way, I'm sitting on it for now, layering it a little under coats to get used to it. I think I'll have a better idea whether or not I want to keep it when spring rolls around and I am able to pair it with shorts and Converse. Something a little more casual, ya know? Considering that a (whyyy do I keep doing this?) Chinese retailer offered to send it to me, I shouldn't be annoyed that it looks nothing like the photos. I mean, it's not even close. But hey, this is why we don't buy from those sites, right? (duhhhhhh)

Meanwhile, there's tons of inspiration for Muppet coats on blogs everywhere right now.  And lots of, ahem, shopping inspiration. February is slowing running out, which means spring will be on its way quickly, and these faux fur friends will probably be dropping in price soon. Hmmm, and perhaps I can find that fluffy version of my dreams.

I also used a bit of Boot No. 7 Sky High Precise blue liner just above my regular black cat eye line and a bit of Benetint on my cheeks and lips.

Muppet Coat, c/o SammyDress [similar]
Rubik's Sheer Gauze Tee, Alternative Apparel
Royal Blue High Rise Skinny Jeggings, Levi's [similar]
Pyramid Necklace, UO [similar]
Square Earrings, ALDO [similar]
Bracelets, DIY and UO
Time Teller Acetate Watch, Nixon
Acero Bootie, SixtySeven [similar]

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