MINI PENNY: Introducing SOSH Chicago

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Introducing SOSH Chicago

The best thing about Chicago is that there is so much to discover. I'm always hearing about new bars and classes and restaurants — but sometimes get stuck in a rut of going to the same place over and over again. Have you ever been sitting around trying to figure out what to do with your friends? Something different? Which bar to go to? What's happening this weekend? My friends and I do this all the time. Of course we have our neighborhood bar that we love and our weekly farmer's market, but when we want to mix it up, what the best way to get suggestions?

Introducing Sosh! This app is a great tool for trying new spots in your neighborhood and around the city. The folks over at Sosh were awesome enough to give me beta access — and over the past two weeks I've already discovered a new cool boutique, a killer cocktail spot just down the street from my apartment, and have added a handful of must-see events to my calendar.

Sosh has amazing suggestions and my favorite part is the great imagery — in a sea of apps that suggest restaurants and drinks, Sosh acts on a visual basis and it really grabs my attention!

How do you access Sosh? You can make an account through their website or through the iPhone app. The site currently covers five cities, which is great for finding new neighborhood favorites and for traveling. The service is totally free, too! Once you have an account, you can begin looking through suggestions broken down my neighborhood or category. Want a good burger or a date spot? There are categories for that. You can then continue to break the selections down by neighborhood. Tap on an event or place to get more details — you can get tips from other Sosh users, find out if it's cash-only, and also have directions, hours, and more at your finger tips.

Want to keep this event in mind? Bookmark it. You can create categories of your bookmarks. For me I separate them by upcoming, food, and other things I want to do. Once I've done something, I can mark it as such and leave tips for other users! And bonus: Sosh reminds me when a bookmarked event is coming up. So here's to never forgetting about Vintage Garage again!

I'm loving Sosh and I'm excited to use it to find out more amazing places in this great city. If you're in Chicago or one of the other cities available, be sure to sign up for Sosh and download the app! They said it best — life's too short to be bored!

This post is sponsored by Sosh.

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