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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Happy Thoughts

I was nearly speechless upon learning the news of the passing of very poignant actor from my childhood. Genie, Mrs. Doubtfire, John Keating, Alan Parrish, Jack Powell... gone. But in the forefront of my mind is Peter Pan — the version of Peter Pan who had forgotten who he was. The version that was reunited with the Lost Boys and had to remember how to fly.

This week was too quick. My best Columbus friend (whom I hadn't seen in two years) came to visit. We got matching tattoos. We hung out for days. We joked like old times. He left. I cried. My heart hurt. The days aren't long enough when someone you love is near.

With Topher around, I suppose it's sort of like behind reminded how to fly. Peter Banning had a life that he was grateful for and good at — but he went back to Neverland and was reminded of the most important pieces. They were his Happy Thoughts. I love my life and I know that if it weren't for the love of friends like Topher, I wouldn't be flying now.

A lot of people unnecessarily berate others for mourning celebrity deaths. I believe that there's nothing wrong with allowing any death affect your feelings — no matter the proximity to your life. Of the many things we have on a daily basis, do we sometimes take our friends and relationships for granted? We're more "connected" now than ever and yet I regrettably allowed two years to slip by. We sometimes use excuses that we're too busy with our jobs or we don't want to spend the money to travel. Peter Pan was able to go to Neverland and rescue his Happy Thoughts. That's fiction and we're mortal. We have one chance to make each other feel loved.

My Happy Thoughts are my friends and my family and you.

Thank you for believing.

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Photos by Brock Myres.

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