MINI PENNY: Meeting Pigs

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Meeting Pigs

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed that earlier this week, I borderline lost my mind when Brock surprised me by taking me to a miniature pig farm. On our drive from Ft. Myer to Orlando, Brock pretended to be lost and pull into a stranger's driveway for directions. I was mid Whitney-Houston-sing-along when I insisted he just give me his phone, until I looked up and saw a sign that made me stop in my tracks.

Now, I've warned Brock that if I were to ever meet mini pigs, I would most likely break down into a mess of happy tears. That's exactly what happened. When I realized he had tricked me, I immediately started crying and asking him all sorts of pig questions.

I met the owner of the farm and she showed me the entire process and how she cares for her pigs. I have waited so long and patiently to look into getting a pet because I've read so many horror stories of scammers selling normal pigs and mini pigs — visiting Paradise Ranch put me at ease that they really cared for theirs to go to loving homes and teach new owners as much as possible.

I was able to look at pigs of all ages from afar — these were just a few days old and totally melted my heart.

This is Suki. She is a sweet little girl who was recently adopted by a family who had other pets. Suki was returned to the ranch when the new owners became afraid that their mastiff was going to hurt her, so she's now looking again for a new home. While the ranch owners fed the pigs and other animals around the farm, I sat with Suki and talked to her. She quickly warmed up to me! This was closest I had been to a mini pig and it was hard for me to contain myself.

And then I saw this little dude. He was the runt of a litter just weened — and we bathed him and I was able to hold and hangout with him for a pretty long period of time. I named him Milo and cuddled with him — and I'm hoping that I can make him mine. He had the most adorable little snorts and squeaks and I totally fell in love with him.

I've had such an awesome couple of weeks and this was totally a high point. I already wanted to have a pig, and now I'm really pushing myself into adopting one for my very own.

Fingers crossed!

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