MINI PENNY: What's Your Girl Truth?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What's Your Girl Truth?

There are so many routines that I have — winged eyeliner, color-coordinating my closet, grabbing a peach-orange juice and bagel before each shift at the tattoo shop. When it comes to personal grooming and body hair, I don't hold it as a priority. Sure, I shave my head once a week, but even when it comes to everywhere else, I'm a bit more selective. Read more to find out my Girl Truth.

Truth be told, I don't shave my legs often. My hair is so fair and sparse that it's hardly visible. The hair on my arms is blonde as well — something that's only noticeable on my left arm. Why? My tattoos.

So, what's my Girl (Woman) Truth? I use Veet hair removal cream on my left arm so that my tattoos stand out more. I'm probably the only person who notices my peach fuzz, but it's a routine I continue to do.

Secret's out! What's your truth? Comment below by September 24th for a chance to win Veet products!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Veet.

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