MINI PENNY: Silver Screen Style // The Fly

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Silver Screen Style // The Fly

The 1986 version of The Fly is one of my favorite remakes ever. It has everything — weird 80s fashion, gratuitous gore, and even Jeff Goldblum in his underwear (before, of course, he turns into the hideous Brundlefly). If you haven't seen it, seek it out.

Vital Leather Blazer, Nasty Gal // Black Plain Suspender Tights, Topshop // English Silk Tweed Tie, J Crew // Red lipstick, NARS // Premium Check Suit Blazer, Topshop

Sheer Hem Shirt, Topshop // Nightglen Plaid Scarf, Madewell // Wool-Blend Boucle Coat, Forever 21

Premium Trench Coat, Topshop // BDG Denim Dolman Shift Dress, Urban Outfitters // Checkered Fishnet Tights, Forever21 // Skip the cigarette and just have your morning coffee and paper

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