MINI PENNY: Mazda Results + Mini Penny Major Appreciation Sale

Friday, November 7, 2014

Mazda Results + Mini Penny Major Appreciation Sale

This year has been beyond exciting. Earlier this spring, I was honored to be nominated and selected as a Mazda Power of 3 Innovator. During the course of the summer, the Power of 3 Tour visited many cities in the US, where so many of you went out and voted for Mini Penny to win money to help further the business. It was an awesome experience working with the Mazda team, Jason and Kawehi, and seeing how you all interacted with the booths as they came to your towns.

Today Mazda has announced the Power of 3 Tour winner over on their blog. A big congrats is in store for Jason! And while I would have loved to take home that $20k, I'm still very honored and excited to be a runner-up in the voting — meaning Mini Penny still received some funding that I'll  be using for tech upgrades, more product, and more content for you! This whole ride has been amazing and I can't thank the folks at Mazda and their marketing team enough for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Still, every day, I'm stoked that I have lots of amazing people reading Mini Penny. If it weren't for you guys commenting and reading and following on social media, I wouldn't get nearly as much pleasure out of this project as I do. I love all your emails and encouragement — the blogging (both writing and reading) community is one of the most uplifting and supporting groups of people I have known. To show my ongoing appreciation, I'm offering 15% off everything + free shipping in the Mini Penny Shop when you use the code MINIMAJOR at checkout.

Mini Penny was an unexpected project for me to start over three years ago. I've had a lot of fun with it so far and I look forward to continuing it with you!

Sale is ends 11/14 at midnight CST. Includes free shipping for all US orders.

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