MINI PENNY: Best of 2014

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best of 2014

I can't believe it's already time to say goodbye to 2014. This year was so fantastic and I'm really stoked to move onto 2015 and take on new adventures. But first, it typical form, let's look back at the year and see some of my favorite Mini Penny moments!

Last Year's Resolutions
I'd venture to say that I did perfectly fine on resolutions. I did start going to the gym (however brief that lasted over the summer...), I dedicated more time to the Mini Penny Shop, I visited friends Los Angeles (although I wish I would have made it to San Diego to see my brother!), and I did a hefty bit of exploring in my own city. I'm excited to continue exploring and traveling in the new year! I already know what single resolution I'm challenging myself to stick to in 2015 — more on that soon!

What Happened in 2014

2014 started out with brunch...

And then I went for the big change and cut off all my hair! Oh, plus donuts.

There were a lot of bike rides, random trash findings, and more bar photobooth splurges than I can count. Oh and lots of black coffee.

The Mini Penny An Honest Tote ghost totes were a big hit for spring and summer!

And of course there was the fun trip to Los Angeles and my wonderful stay at the Ace.

I saw Chromeo twice in 2014 and even got a selfie with Dave 1's crotch. Good job, me.

I had a fantastic and fun opportunity to work with the folks at Mazda.

And of course I enjoyed visits from old friends (which always result in new tattoos).

The best way to end summer was on a bike.

Or at the dunes.

Or by visiting a mini pig farm in Florida and totally falling in love.

And I spent a couple days at the happiest place on Earth.

I finally saw my favorite band (Descendents) and even got a hug from Milo.

I visited my childhood home for the first time in three years.

And finally picked up a new toy that has been inspiring me to create more.

Beyond just the camera, I started working at a tattoo shop this year with a staff of amazingly talented people — something that has kicked my ass into gear as far as just getting a handle on my own doodles and whatnot. I'll be sharing these with ya soon.

Favorite Outfits of 2014

The Undercut // A Dress // Queen of my Castle // The Frye Company

5 Days of AOS // The Wave // Red Hot // The Pumpkin Show

How was your year? What were some of your favorite moments?

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