MINI PENNY: DIY Felt Pennants

Friday, December 26, 2014

DIY Felt Pennants

I had a fun time making these pennants for friends this year. They're simple and the possibilities are endless. Here's how you can make your own custom felt pennant.

Here's what you need:
Tracing Paper
Markers — I use a few different color sharpies and a brush pen
Felt — two colors,  1/4 yard each
Scissors. The sharper, the better
Spray adhesive or fabric glue
Scrap cardboard or disposable work surface
Optional — Rotary Cutter, cutting mat, straight edge
Optional — sewing machine

I start by making the triangular shape of the pennant itself. My favorite combo is a color with white text, but there are a hundred ways you can do it! The short edge of my pennant is 9" with a total length of 23.5". The diagonal edge ends up being around 24". I made a template to ensure it would be symmetrical and cut the triangle using a rotary cutter and straight edge. Then I cut a 10"x3/4" and two 5"x1/4" strips of white for the edge detail. Adhere these with the spray adhesive, making sure to use a disposable surface like scrap cardboard to avoid a crazy mess.

This is the most fun and the trickiest part of it all — figuring out your lettering placement. I like going with a traditional script for the letters and allowing them to shrink towards the end of the pennant. Using my triangle template as a guide, I start with a light purple marker to size it out, then go over it with pink for a more definite line, and finish with the black marker as a final draft. This step can take some trial and error. I recommend starting with shorter words or phrases for beginners.

Cut out your letters. They don't have to be perfect, and you don't necessarily have to worry about cutting out the tiny insides of each loop. These can be improved on the final pattern. The smaller your words, the harder it can be to cut accurately — so keep a small pair of scissors on hand if you're getting down towards the end of the banner!

Arranging the letters backwards, trace around them lightly with a pen. Due to the texture of the felt, I found that using a brush marker is the easiest for me.

Cut out the white letters and lay them on your pennant as you go. I do this to make sure that they fit and have clean edges. Make any trims that you need during this step. Once you're content with your lettering, start from the right side and work your way left. Doing so and keeping your words as aligned as far to the right as possible and that your design will fit. Working one piece at a time, spray the back with spray adhesive and carefully arrange on the pennant. Allow it to sit flat and dry for a few hours.

If you so desire, you can use a sewing machine to stitch the white border to give it a more finished look. And bam! There you have a really easy and fun pennant for your home or a gift.

If you make one, what will it say?

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