MINI PENNY: DIY Leather Camera Strap

Monday, December 22, 2014

DIY Leather Camera Strap

The branded FujiFilm strap that came with my new camera is just fine — but I wanted something a little more simple and small to use when carrying it around. Yesterday I stopped by the Pendleton store in the suburbs and found a fantastic cosmetics case that fits the body perfectly. And in my search for a simple camera strap, I realized that I could easily make one myself using just a few simple tools.

Here's what you need to make your own:
Leather strap or leather belt to upcycle. Faux leather works, too!
Leather punch
Rivets, rivet setting tool, and mallet
Key ring
Optional - Hook or latch

First, cut your leather strap or belt. I opted to use an old skinny white belt I had that had probably seen better days. I cut it to 18", but you can vary your size depending on your preference. You can find great leather straps at fabric stores, leather stores, or even craft stores if you're lucky! For belts, try checking your local thrift store for cool, aged leather. And if you're vegan or against leather, a faux leather strap will also be fine!

Use the leather punch to make holes for your rivets. I made five holes: .5", 1", 12", 12.5"and 17.5". Again, this can vary depending on your length.

On the short end, set your key ring.

Begin setting your rivets. I used two double-sided rivets in silver to match my camera. You can buy these in all different lengths.

If you desire to make your wrist strap a quick release, add a hook or latch. You can find small carabiners, or something like the one you see above. Be sure you get something sturdy — if it breaks, your camera will drop! For now, I am opting to not use a hook but as I make more of these in the near future, I'll be switching over to quick release for fast changes.

And there you have it! I quick and easy custom leather strap for your camera. How awesome would these be as Xmas gifts for your photographer friends? Get on it!

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