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Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Resolution

This year, I'm only making one resolution. I'm not focusing on my physical self, but instead my creative self.

I grew up drawing and painting. From as young as I can remember, I loved to color in coloring books or draw pictures of my friends, family, and favorite characters. Despite my gut instinct, I ended up going to art college for Illustration and Fine Arts once I finished high school.

Art school ruined my love for drawing. I've had this conversation with others who have attended similar colleges — some agree and some do not. It wasn't a good fit for me, and it ended up making me burnt out on my talent.

Here and there over the years, I'll doodle some little things, but then I lose interest all over again. In 2014 I started working at a tattoo shop. I'm surrounded by very creative and wonderful people and it has made me want to start doing my own thing again. It's been so long since I've gotten this deep into painting that I'm still feeling out what my style was or is. In 2015 I'm making a goal for myself to finishing 50 paintings. So far, I've have Bowie, Richard Harlow, and Amy Winehouse in progress and I'm excited to share my work and re-learning process with you all along the way.

(And possibly put some of them up for sale?)

What's your resolution for the year?

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