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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Grey Candyland

A few weeks back, I posted some grey wall inspiration. I had been itching for a change in my apartment (dubbed "Candyland" due to the lavender walls that were here when I moved in), and a neutral grey seemed like a good way to go with it. After looking at many, many swatches, I went for a nice medium cool grey. It has given me just enough change for the second year in my Logan Square home. It's fun to look at photos from the purple version and the new grey version — such a big change for a small amount of money and only a few days of work!

I spend most of my time in my living area — my computer and work station are out here, plus my new TV and Netflix. When I'm working or painting, I like leaving some Netflix series on in the background or listening to Spotify via my computer. Additionally, the living room is a nice and cozy spot to cuddle up and watch movies. There's a lot of natural light — and I opted to paint the entire fireplace and mantle a gloss white.

The kitchen/dining room combo took no time to paint — it's white tile from about eye level down, plus with the cabinets and door frames, there wasn't much work to do. It ended up looking great, especially around where my bicycle hangs my my front door. I have a large, awkward storage space just to the left of my bathroom. I've been using a dark grey curtain to conceal the clutter, and the paint just happened to be a really nice match to it.

Additionally, I love that my bedroom is grey. I already keep my bedroom fairly dark — I love sleeping in my cozy bed with the heated blanket. Hibernation. They cool grey is much more relaxing and looks great with my bedding.

And finally, the bathroom. My bathroom is set up really weird — the shower is diagonal, and there are little nooks where you can tell that my building split the top level apartment into two single bedroom apartments. Either way, I'm glad it's pretty big. The grey really helps bounce light around the bathroom better and not make the lights feel so yellow. Previously, the ceiling was also painted purple, so I decided to change the ceiling to white and only leave the colors to the walls.

I dig seeing projects go from inspiration to completion. Are you planning any home improvement or home changes this year?

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