MINI PENNY: The End of April

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The End of April

I feel like this month has flown by. Don't they always? And coming up on this last week of April, my calendar is jam-packed. I took a promotion at the tattoo shop and am now Shop Manager — meaning a more involved work load and more hours at the shop. My brother (whom I haven't seen in almost five years!) is flying in from San Diego to visit. I'm so excited!

Even this past weekend was nutty. Between work and Guy's family and wine and meeting new people, I made time to check out Chicago's version of ComicCon, i.e. C2E2. It was my first time ever going to that sort of convention and it was really fascinating. For starters because the convention was very forward with it's "Cosplay is not Consent" messaging (granted, it's a shame that assholes need to be reminded that harassment is uncool, but I give lots of kudos to the organizers for understanding that safe spaces are important!). I didn't expect to see such heavy literature on why following, stalking, touching, or otherwise unwanted attention isn't tolerated but was pleasantly surprised. And secondly, I discovered my new favorite pastime: watching people in Cosplay do every day normal activities. I saw the Joker checking his voicemail. Batman was drinking Starbucks. And a Storm Trooper had to charge his phone. Something about it is just hilarious to me.

C2E2 was a great way to end the weekend and flow into Monday. Yesterday was my last "day off" prior to the visit and I spent it the way I like best — riding the motorcycle with Guy and eating and drinking coffee and soaking up the sunshine. For now I'm still the cupcake passenger on the bike, but I am d-y-i-n-g to buy my own motorcycle and get on the road. I'm constantly searching but the right bike hasn't popped up yet. People always say that the right one will happen at the right time. I'm ready, universe!

Speaking of the universe, a friend and I were talking the other day about how our 18-year-old selves would feel about our 28-year-old selves. It's funny because, looking back, I remember so vividly at 18 that I wanted to be a tattoo artist. I convinced myself to go to college instead because I thought it was the "right thing to do."

I didn't like college and bounced around with a bunch of other jobs that I thought at the time were "what I wanted." And ten years later, here I am back at the tattoo industry. I'm not an artist, but work with all types of different people and artists and it's awesome. So I think 18-year-old me would be pretty stoked on 28-year-old me. And not just with work, but all around. On one hand I think it would be great if I could tell young Jessie how to circumvent all the bullshit — but I have had a fun journey getting to where I am now and don't have any regrets.

And in a strange ritual of moving on, this week I had my Apple tattoo covered up. That chapter ended such a long time ago and I got the kick in the pants to actually cover it rather than lighten it with a laser, so I did it. But, hey, more on that once it's fully healed.

And after all, how else are you supposed to greet the challenged ahead without a new pair of kickass leopard booties?

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