MINI PENNY: Nobody's Ol' Lady

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Nobody's Ol' Lady

It's easy to say that this shirt quickly became one of my favorites. I saw a version of it on one of the many Instagram motorcycle/western style accounts I follow and they were selling it for something I felt was a little steep. I turned to eBay and there it was! For a fraction of the cost!

Okay, so I still get excited about snagging deals and motorcycle rides. I'm planning on taking my permit test and safety classes next week. The major thing I'm waiting on right now is to find the right bike. It's pretty exciting, but I'm finding out how much there really is to learn when it comes to looking at these old models.

And another bonus, my favorite boots in the world — the Jeffrey Campbell Everwells — I thought were sold out everywhere. There was a little store next to my tattoo shop that had them in stock and I had to snag 'em up immediately. My first pair were literally falling apart. They were hangin' on by threads. It hurt my soul (sole! hah!) to give them up and could have kissed the store owner on the mouth when I saw them on display. Crisis averted!

Okay, and yeah, I guess technically I'm someone's "ol' lady." But it doesn't make this shirt any less fun.

Nobody's Ol' Lady tee, Harley Davidson (ebay) [similar]
Shredded Jeans, American Eagle [similar]
Bandana, Target
Sunglasses, Han KjĂžbenhavn
Everwell boots, Jeffrey Campbell

Photos by Gentleman Joel.

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