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Monday, May 11, 2015

Reasons to Love Mondays

Can a person be an advocate for something as silly as loving Mondays? If so, I am. The beginning of the week is so exciting for me. On Mondays I get to plan and layout the upcoming calendar. I find organizing to be very therapeutic — especially now that I have blog responsibility and job responsibilities.

There are plenty of reasons for everyone to love Mondays. Mondays mean fresh starts. It's a new chapter. If you're a weekend warrior, Mondays can mean a few days of relaxing. Snuggle up, cook good food, and watch a movie. Ride your bicycle to the office if you have the privilege to do so — it's a great way to stay healthy and green. We can enjoy Mancrush Mondays. I even look forward to Instagram announcing their selections for their Weekend Hashtag projects. New episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Veep and Silicon Valley hit HBOGo on Mondays. The stores are less crowded, so I find that Mondays are the best days to hit the grocery, the laundromat, the thrift stores, and the boutiques.

And of course, storytelling.


On Mondays you can catch up with everywhere — what did your friends and coworkers do this weekend? Maybe they went somewhere new or tried a new restaurant. There might be that one person in your office who has the key info to the best patios in your city. That means that you could have one new place to try the coming weekend!

This past weekend was a little different for me. On Saturday I walked in a vintage fashion show (!!!) and met a lot of new ladies. Isn't that a great feeling? I love meeting new people. I can't wait to share images of the fashion show with you all in a few days.

And speaking of meeting new people, on Friday I was flattered (well, beyond) to be selected as an Instagram Suggested User. Many of my inspiring friends who are great photographers have been featured and I'm so blown away to be a part of that list. Over the course of a few days, I've gained thousands of followers – both daunting and exciting! I hope to live up to the honor!

Isn't it weird that a little iPhone app that sort of changed my life? I was one of the early adopters for Instagram, downloading it just three days after its release. My Instagram presence existed before this blog and was certainly a catalyst for Mini Penny. So I owe Instagram a big thanks!


With that being said, how did y'all spend yours? Next week we start the Farmer's Market in my neighborhood, so my Sunday will be filled with fresh veggies and fruits and flowers and familiar faces. I also have my International Fluevog Day event this Friday — hope all of you Chicago friends can make it!

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