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Monday, May 25, 2015

The Long Weekend

Everything is so green. Spring is wonderful, right? I love that Memorial Day weekend sort of 'kicks off' summer. It's always nice to start on a good note — cookouts, ping pong tournaments (yes), and puppies. We got some fresh rain, but not enough to hinder outdoor plans and motorcycle rides.

On Saturday we took a really fantastic night ride up Lakeshore Drive towards Evanston. In the back of our minds, we wanted to go find some stars, but sacrificed riding west to head north alongside the Lake. Ugh, it was lovely.

In fact, the rain was sort of welcomed. More and more, I'm amazed at the sort of detail my camera picks up. Aren't these fun? I'm beginning to grow very fond of the Japanese Maples around my neighborhood. I hadn't really noticed them before, but ever since my brother came to visit and was pointing them out, I see them around every corner.

Oh and this is Mac. Look at that face.

So far, our Memorial Day has consisted of breakfast (not brunch — I can't believe I woke up early enough for that!) and waiting out the rain while working on our own art projects. How are you spending your long weekend?

Striped Top, H&M [similar]
Dress, Thrifted [similar]
Faux leather pointed loafers, Forever 21

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