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Monday, June 8, 2015

Get Your Kicks

After a weekend of feeling sick, it felt so good to get outside. I'm not sure what bug I caught — but a few of my friends had it, too. Some sort of heavy cold. Anyway, I spent a few days drowning myself in carrot juice, orange juice, and echinacea tea while binge-watching Bill Nye the Science Guy on Netflix. That seemed to be a pretty good cure.

Fun fact: Bill Nye was my first crush as a kid. Is that weird? I guess I always had a thing for goofy nerds with big noses. (insert a shrugging emoji here, am I right?) Re-watching some of the episodes have been super nostalgic — and there are so many cultural and movie references that I never got as a kid!

I tend to think that it's pretty normal that Bill Nye was my favorite television show growing up. But I also didn't have a cable as a kid. I watched a lot of PBS and Seinfeld. No complaints! What was your favorite show growing up?

Even though I'm quickly on my way back to one hundred percent health, I still felt like leaving the house in a comfier-than-normal outfit. Leggings and sneakers, oh man. My ultimate comfy dream!

Denim shirt, UO + DIY sleeve removal
Striped Shirt, Forever 21
Black leggings, Target
Women's 501 in Grey, c/o KicksUSA
An Honest Tote by Mini Penny, Mini Penny Shop
Radio Sunglasses, Cheap Monday [similar]

Photos by Matthew Scheer.

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