MINI PENNY: Growing out an Undercut

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Growing out an Undercut

It's been well over a year since I posted about the many ways that you can wear an undercut. I loved my short, short hair — but I had this creeping feeling that growing it out would be a pain. To my surprise, the undercut has been one of the easiest short-hair-grow-outs I've ever done. Once I made the decision to not shave my sides anymore, I just let the top grow until I could achieve a reasonable center part. And from there, the more time that goes by, the more styles I can get with this length.  See more for my favorite four styles to wear and the products I use on a daily basis.

The Mia Wallace
This simple style is my every day look. It's easy and it's the most natural to my hair's usual style. After showering, I blow-dry with a flat brush, paying special attention to my bangs and my cowlick in the back. Once it's fully dry, I use a 1/2" curling iron to smooth out my ends and that's it! Easy as cake and you can barely tell that it's short underneath!

The Audrey Horne
I love curling my hair. The best way to get an even and easy head of curls at this length is to prep some pin curls before bed. When you wake up — boom. Audrey Horne gets what she wants.

This is my favorite sexy look. I put some Hair Food Thickening Hair Treatment on my roots for a fuller look and clip my bangs under my sides with bobby pins.

The Sara
I rarely do this one, but it's always a good option if you want to sport that short side for a little longer. I use Not Your Mother's Sea Salt Spray and blow dry my hair upside down for extra volume.

The Trinity
I have a serious soft spot for this look. I remember being in junior high and trying to achieve this hairstyle after seeing The Matrix for the first time. Hah! A lot of kids made fun of me and called me goth, blahblahblah, whatever. Nowadays I see it displayed as being rather chic — and I still love it. I get this look by blowdrying my hair with a paddle brush and pulling my hair straight. I comb pomade throw to keep my flyaway under control and to give it that slick look.

Anyone else out there growing out and undercut? What's your favorite way to battle that awkward stage?

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