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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My Favorite Hand Lettering Tools

In the past few months, I've really gotten into hand lettering with brush pens and nibs. On Instagram, a few of you have asked me what I use to achieve these looks, so I figured I'd round up a few of my favorite tools for lettering.

Mostly, for ease, I use brush pens. They're (mostly) inexpensive and low-mess and very transportable, making them my go to option for script lettering. The ink and nib gives me my favorite look, but that can sometimes take a little more practice and time to really get it right. Click through for all of my favorite pens.

From top to bottom:
Pilot Pocket Brush Pen - Hard Black
Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen - Black My every day pen.
Zebra Brush Pen - Black Fine Very soft, lots of character!
Zebra Brush Pen - Black Hard
Faber Castell Brush Pen - Sepia
Le Pen Drawing Pen - Brush Black Great for fat, dramatic letters!
Kuretake Bimoji Fude Felt Tip Pen - Fine
Tombow Dual Brush - Crimson
Tombow Dual Brush - Black
Sharpie Brush Pen - Black Great for big, bold letters!
Sharpie Brush Pen - Green
Neopiko Deleter Brush Pen - Purple
Faber-Castell Big Brush - Grey
Pentel Fude Brush Pen - Medium Painterly letters!

Kuretake Zig Fudebiyori Metallic - Bronze
Zig Dual Tip Writer - Gold
Sharpie Oil-Based Metallic Paint Marker - Silver
Sharpie Oil-Based Metallic Paint Marker - Gold
Sharpie Water-Based Paint Marker - White

Nikko G Nib
Speedball Oblique Pen Point Holder

What are your favorite pens and tools for hand lettering? Do you prefer brush tips or the classic pen and nib?

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