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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Review // June Pixi Box

Time for more Pixi Beauty products! Last month I shared some great brow and eye products with you — and this month I have a few new goodies to review.

Here's what came in my Pixi box:
Endless Silky Eye Pencil in Black
Quick Fix Bronzer
Makeup Fixing Mist
Nail Color in Coral Cantaloupe

For starters, here are some swatches. The eyeliner is (as named), very soft and silky. The bronzer is nice and light — it goes on sheer and you have to build it up slowly. And the nail color is bright. The formula for the nail color is smooth and goes on really well. I'm not a fan of the color, but I'm impressed with the pigmentation. Regardless, this one is probably going to go into my bag of nail varnishes that I keep meaning to trade with friends. Hopefully I can get something a bit less fluorescent in return.

For the eyeliner, I started it by drawing a thick line to the edge of my lash line, then using an eyeliner brush to pull out cat eyes at the edge. The pencil is really soft and easy to apply, plus is easy to manipulate with a brush. I find that this method is much quicker than using my trusty liquid liner — but the only issue I run into is that I get some transferring near the top of my lid after a few hours wear. So I would say that this liner is much better suited for short term wear, tight lining, or water lining.

The bronzer has a nice little sponge applicator built into it. This makes it really easy to apply lightly. I used a few dabs of this stuff and blended it out ever so slightly with a brush. I definitely see myself using this more in the summer time as I start to get a little more sun (I'm so very pale most of the time!).

And finally — the misting spray. I love this stuff. Not only is it refreshing and light, but it smells great! I tend to wear much lighter make up in the warmer temperatures, so this spray helps me keep a nice matte finish without weighing me down.

And a side note... I'm at a stand still with my hair. I have no idea what I want to do with it! This dark, dark brown is a little too-dark for me and I wish it would hurry up and grow! My undercut is still only about 3" long, so I can't tie it up yet. Blergh! Anyone else growing out an undercut right now and going through the same thing?

Disclosure: Products were a gift from Pixi by Petra. I was not compensated for the post and all opinions are mine.

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