MINI PENNY: Cherry Blossoms

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cherry Blossoms

I've been really beating a dead horse with the floral prints, huh? Oh well — I love this jumpsuit. I hardly ever find one pieces that fit my short frame. I was killing some time at the Urban Outfitters Surplus (where I used to work so many years ago!) and found this for five bucks. In the back of my mind, I was searching for something to wear to my art show and this ended up being perfect!

The art show was held at the Japanese Culture Center for my boss, who has been tattooing in Chicago since the 70s. All around, this outfit seemed like the best fit. Beyond that, I needed something that looked good whilst barefoot, because per their etiquette, it is custom to take off your shoes before entering the Japanese Culture Center!

The art show ended up being fantastic and it was a full experience. I even had a piece of my own hanging in the show! It felt pretty good for my first Chicago Tattoo Company event to be a success. All the work paid off, but I'm glad that it's over and I can move on to focusing on other business before planning another one of these! Whoo!

Cherry Blossom Jumpsuit, UO Surplus [similar]
Fringe Necklace, Claire's [similar]
Platforms, UO Surplus [similar]
Double Wrap Belt, UO [similar]

Photos by Erika Gomez.

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