MINI PENNY: How I Stay Inspired

Monday, July 27, 2015

How I Stay Inspired

Inspiration can be elusive. Some days I'll jot down twenty ideas for Mini Penny, for drawings, and for photos. Other days I will stare at my computer screen with complete and total writers' block. Personally, staying inspired means balancing the right amount of work and the right amount of rest. Here are a few ways I keep on my toes.

I read a lot of blogs. I have made it a habit that instead of reading through Facebook status updates, I find a new blog to add to my Feedly. I categorize my app into multiple categories — architecture, typography, beauty, fashion, etc. Seeing what other people are writing and experiencing is such a great way to spark ideas for myself.

I also own stacks of books. And my coworkers at the tattoo shop have loads of books with amazing references. Having lots of interesting images on hand makes for great drawing ideas. I've always been a lover of books and other drawing reference material!

I also follow a lot of my favorite photographers on Instagram. Having a quick and easy feed of great photos makes it easy to be inspired on the bus, train, or other odd moments of downtime.

Keep Notes
I have a notebook dedicated to jotting down ideas. I keep it on my desk — very accessible for wherever I am around the apartment. If an idea pops up, I write it down. And if I'm on the go, I keep a list of Notes on my iPhone with all sorts of ideas of what I see throughout the day.

My notebook in addition to my calendar is really helpful in plotting out how ideas can be translated for the blog — shoots, DIY tasks, or other odds and ends.

I'm the type of person who can get burnt out if I don't take a break. I work a lot and feel like I'm always moving. I have to dedicate a few hours every week to simply veg out — Netflix, motorcycle rides, hanging out at a coffee shop or with friends. Anything that gets my mind off the grind. When it's time to get back to work, I feel plenty rested to look at my calendar with fresh eyes and new ideas!

Part of resting is also indulging. I have a lot of great ideas when in the shower or soaking in my favorite Lush bath bombs!

Take Photos
I take a lot of photos — of everything! My Fujifilm X100T is almost always on hand. When it's not, I have my trusty iPhone. You never know when a photo may spark an idea for something: drawings, color schemes, or outfit inspiration.

Cleaning my apartment, desk, or computer files is extremely therapeutic for me. I get a rush from getting rid of things. And a lot of times I'll uncover forgotten clothes, memories, and more that can transform into a new post or project!

Surround Myself with Creative People and Things
I work in a tattoo shop, so there's constantly something creative going on around me. My guy is an artist, my friends are artists, and I fill my home with small bits of creativity. With so many influences around me, it keeps me on my toes!


How do you stay inspired?

XO Pillow c/o Ankit

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