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Thursday, August 20, 2015

What I Wore // Rose Gold Loafers

Rose gold loafers with neutral outfit
It's funny looking back and seeing that I was so anti-gold when it came to my jewelry. Nowadays, it's my preference! And since I started working with body jewelry, I learned all about rose gold and have totally fallen for it.  These rose gold loafers are a prime example of how I've let this warm metallic enter my wardrobe for summer and fall.

Rose gold loafers with neutral outfit
I love the neutral tones in this outfit. Olive green tickles my fancy (as some of you know, I absolutely cannot stand kelly greens!), and pairing it with white felt totally fresh on this warm summer day.

Cactus manicure using Scratch nail wraps
Bonus points: a fun summer mani! I haven't been sharing as many of my manicures as I used to. Do you like posts about my manicures? Or do you prefer I stick to reviews of my subscription boxes and work these into other posts like this? I feel like I haven't had as much time lately to focus on my manicures, so they've become a lot more minimal! ...not that it's a bad thing!

These cacti nail decals were in my August Scratch box. Stay tuned for that post tomorrow!

Olive green blouse and layered necklaces
I just wrote the other week about my love for layering necklaces. I've also been getting into making my own chokers. Many of the stores are carrying them now, but I am really not down with the feather, hamsa hand, or dream catch pendants on many of them. This leather cord one is just simple enough to get me through the day.

Faux Leather Pointed Loafers in Rose Gold, Forever 21
White Skinny Jeans, Cheap Monday
Green Button Up, c/o DressLink [not recommended*, check out a better version]
Layered Necklaces, DIY + Forever 21

*I do not recommend this item because it fits nothing like the image shown on their website. I've had this experience more often than not with DressLink, so I recommend spending the extra dollars and getting something that is properly represented!

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