MINI PENNY: The Wisconsin Trip Part 3 // Harley-Davidson Museum

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Wisconsin Trip Part 3 // Harley-Davidson Museum

Since Sunday's trip home had a little hiccup, we decided to detour on Monday to Milwaukee. The main reason was so that we wouldn't hit Chicago at rush hour (if you have ever been it, then you understand why we went out of our way to avoid it!). And in the meantime, we figured we could stop and check out the Harley-Davidson Museum.

The museum starts with a wall of motors, showcasing through time how the motorcycle engine has evolved and changed. The exhibits were sleek, beautiful, and informative!

There were various rooms with many, many Harleys, along with various oddities – like toys, books, clothing, and more — that are related to the brand.

Not to mention this great lace-up shirt from a motorcycle club!

Something I love about HD is how they celebrate women in motorcycling! They had great sections dedicated to lady riders. I've also noticed their presence of women on their social media and published books!
And finally, there was a special exhibit for Willie G. Davidson. They had many of his old drawings and motorcycles on display — it was fascinating! My favorite part of the museum was being able to see all the beginning stages of industrial design. Everything from concepts to custom lettering was displayed!

Have you ever been to Milwaukee? I hope to go back soon and check out their art museum.

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