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Friday, October 30, 2015

What I Wore // Imperator Furiosa

DIY Mad Max Imperator Furiosa Halloween Costume — Mini Penny Blog
Happy Halloween! Well, a day early, anyway. We had our Halloween event at work on Thursday, so I got a chance to break out my costume a few days early. I spent a good amount of time (and thrift store hunting! yay!) to make my costume. I'm so happy with how it turned out!

DIY Mad Max Imperator Furiosa Halloween Costume — Mini Penny Blog
This arm was the toughest part, obviously. I had found a bunch of tutorials cosplayers had written giving detailed instructions on how they made their arms — they were welding and getting all sorts of crazy detailed metal bits. Truth be told, I didn't want to go that far with it, despite the fact that their pieces looked awesome. Since I work at a tattoo shop, I needed to make sure it was something that was mobile and where I could remove the glove for a full day's work. I wash my hands and wear sterile gloves a lot throughout the day, so I couldn't be bothered with anything that was constantly covering my hand.

Originally, I had planned on buying football shoulder pads and deconstructing them to make this shoulder bit. However, during my search for other small pieces, I found foam visors at the craft store. I was able to create a nice shoulder cuff with this for a fraction of the price. I also hit up a thrift store for belts. I ended up buying about ten belts for ten dollars — using a leather punch, rivets, and snaps, I made an arm that I could take on and off easily. The "copper pipe" is really just painting dowel rods and I added plastic tubing to imitate Furiosa's. The hand is a plain ol' glove with some similar shaped foam to loosely replicate her robotic hand. This was something I wore for a total of three minutes during the day, so I didn't really give it much attention.

DIY Mad Max Imperator Furiosa Halloween Costume — Mini Penny Blog
Seriously, with the shaved head — how could I not be Furiosa this year?!

DIY Mad Max Imperator Furiosa Halloween Costume — Mini Penny Blog
Goggles, costume store + DIY painted [similar]
Shirt, thrift store [similar]
Belt corset, thrift + DIY [similar]
High Riser Skinny Skinny Jeans, Madewell
Bum bag, Yard sale + DIY emblem [similar]
Robot arm, DIY [or get one from Etsy!]
Chase Boots, Freebird Boots (similar or for sale in my shop!)

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