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Thursday, October 29, 2015

October Lists

Everyone loves October! I love October, you probably love October, your bestie loves October. I look forward to all things pumpkin-y and all that shit. October's 52 Lists Project and 12 Lists project were both great ways to get myself inspired and thinking about all sorts of things!

12 Lists: Make A List of Your Favorite Food Combinations
My initial reaction to food topics is YAY FOOD, but then I go to make a list and all I can think of are sweets! Hah! I have a total sweet tooth, but I enjoy all sorts of foods.

❖ Chocolate and peanut butter (preferably in the form of buckeyes!)
❖ Potatoes and beets
❖ Cilantro and onion as a taco topping!
❖ Peanut Butter and apples
❖ Grilled cheese and tomato soup
❖ Chicken and cranberries
❖ Goat cheese and pickled beets
❖ Bananas and nutella
❖ Asparagus and turkey bacon

The 52 Lists Project

12 Lists is from Clear the Way and Chez Gillian. You can buy Moorea Seal's The 52 Lists Project here. What's on your list for October?

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