MINI PENNY: Review // Saison Autumn Cleansing Grains

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Review // Saison Autumn Cleansing Grains

Saison Autumn Dry Skin Cleansing Grains - Mini Penny Blog
I'm always down to trying new skincare products. Saison was kind enough to send over their Autumn Cleansing Grains and I couldn't wait to give it a try. I tend to get really dry skin as we go into colder months and everywhere has their heat kicked on. This cleanser seemed as though it would be a fine fit for me.

Saison Autumn Dry Skin Cleansing Grains - Mini Penny Blog
For starters, the packaging is great and I love that this is a powder. You add water and therefore have complete control over the consistently you'd like to use. The texture is nice and clay-like with a bit of exfoliating. The exfoliating elements don't feel sharp like those you'll find in apricot scrubs (which is ground-up walnut) which makes it feel less irritating.

Saison Autumn Dry Skin Cleansing Grains - Mini Penny Blog
And I'm sorry, but there is one undeniable thing about this stuff, though. It stinks. It stinks bad. When putting it on my face, I had to hold my breath because it straight up smells like cat piss. The smell is totally unbearable and is a huge disappointment. On their ingredients page, they note fragrance from "essential oils," but don't specify what those are. Is cat pee an essential oil? Because oh my god...

What I found slightly more concerning is that when I searched others' reviews of the products, they said that theirs smelled great. Did I get a bad batch? The cat pee batch? I know my roommate cat couldn't have done it, because she doesn't have any thumbs and certainly cannot get the jar open.

With all that said, my skin did feel great. My pores felt tight and my skin moisturized. I'm so bummed that the smell is so overwhelming because I really do like the results. I would love to give this my full seal of approval, especially since Saison was so nice to send it over, but I couldn't recommend this to anyone unless they were smell-blind.

I gave it a second try and barely got through applying it. Unfortunately, I'm going to be throwing the product out because I don't see myself ever getting over the scent. Hopefully their other seasons' products smell better!

Have you ever ditched a beauty product because of the scent? I feel as though I do it more often than not, but Saison Autumn Cleansing Grains takes the cake.

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