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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Review // New Products from ELF

ELF Cosmetics Swatches and Reviews - Mini Penny Blog
I've been using E.L.F. cosmetics for a long time — my first review of their line was over four years ago! I remember when my good friend Tish turned me onto them. Since, I've worked a few of their products into my daily routine permanently. With that being said, there are products they make that I think are a great value, and others that I think are a total waste of time. Over the past couple of months, ELF has been sending me some some of their new palettes, lipsticks and beyond.  Click through for an objective review of each of these beauty buys.

ELF Cosmetics Swatches and Reviews - Mini Penny Blog
Used above: Moisturizing lipstick in Marsala Blush, Precision Liquid Liner, Everyday Smokey Palette, Illuminating Palette, and Perfect Finish HD Powder.

ELF Cosmetics Swatches and Reviews - Mini Penny Blog
Let's start out with Eyes! I have quite a few eyeshadow palettes lying around, so these seemed like great products to try out. And as we all know, I love liquid eyeliner.

❖ ELF Prism Eyeshadow Palette in Sunset
Silly me neglected to get a photo of this particular palette open, but you can see an accurate photo of it here. And to be frank, I am not excited by this one in any way, shape or form. The colors on the palette look like shiny jewel tones, but go on very translucent. Similar to what I've seen with some of the other ELF products, the colors just aren't as pigmented as I'd prefer.

❖ ELF Everyday Smoky Palette
I was actually really excited to try this out. I can't repeat enough how much I love neutral palettes. However, I was disappointed to find that the lighter colors (bronzes, browns, tans, etc) were barely noticeable once applied. The black, grey and silver all went on well upon application, but I noticed a crease within a matter of an hour — even with my trusty ELF primer! By the end of the day, my eyeshadow was messy and thin. I'm going to be giving this one a pass as well.

ELF Precision Liquid Eyeliner
I knew I would judge this product harder than anything else I have received. I have given ELF liquid liners a go in the past and have been horribly disappointed. For years, I have held my ground strong that Milani Infinite liner is the best on the market. I was actually really impressed with ELF's Precision Liquid Eyeliner and would consider buying it. I reluctantly put it on in the morning and carried my Milani with me, expecting to need to reapply after the ELF would smudge. To my surprise, the ELF liner lasted all day with only minimal cracking on my cat eye. Could it be? Could ELF have finally made a good liquid liner?! The brush is sturdy enough to get straight lines and small enough to make a perfect cat eye. I absolutely recommend this! When it came time to remove it, it was easy to clean with a  simple eye makeup remover product.

ELF Cosmetics Swatches and Reviews - Mini Penny Blog
Onto the lips. After discovering Colourpop Cosmetics, my collection of other lipsticks and lip colors have sort of gone by the wayside. I'm always ready to give new shades a try!

❖ ELF Lip Exfoliator
I've actually purchased this a few times in the past, so it goes without saying that I like it. Until today, I had no idea that other "flavors" were available! I always get the original, but now will have to try the mint. I love mint everything and it's that time of year! I keep one of these in my bathroom and one at my makeup station in case I ever feel the need to exfoliate my lips. The result is great — plus it's easy to use in this lipstick form!

❖ ELF Kiss It Goodbye Lip Color Remover
I didn't really know what to make of this at first. It's the clear tube at the bottom of the image above. I have a few matte lipsticks that I wear and love, but hate how they stain. Amazing, I just swiped on some of this Kiss It Goodbye remover, wiped away with a makeup remover wipe, and the color was gone. I will be continuing to purchase this product in the future as well!

ELF Cosmetics Swatches and Reviews - Mini Penny Blog
Okay, we're working from left to right here!

❖ ELF Moisturizing Lipstick in Marsala Blush
This is a really great color and goes on with just enough pigment (see photo towards the top of this post!). The wear is exactly what you'd expect with a soft lipstick — I had to reapply throughout the day. Since the color is light enough, I didn't notice any feathering with this one. Lovely!

❖ ELF Moisturizing Lipstick in Bordeaux Beauty
This color is more sheer than the Marsala Blush. I had issues with this one feathering and leaving a stain (hooray for that Kiss it Goodbye Lip Remover, though!). Personally, I can't really get down with this color, but I think it would be good for someone who is shopping for a stain instead of a lipstick!

❖ ELF Lip Balm in Pink
It is what it is. A soft, moisturizing lip balm that has some pink pigment to it. Great for what it is, but totally not my style, so I don't have much to say about it. This is a good one for summer on-the-go days.

❖ ELF Matte Lip Color in Wine
This is a good color — I'd say it's a little more true red than wine, though. It goes on smooth and soft, but has a matte finish. I noticed a little bit of staining, but it didn't seem to feather. I'm going to hold onto this one for holiday parties and easy red lips!

ELF Cosmetics Swatches and Reviews - Mini Penny Blog
And finally — face! I have used a variety of ELF powders, concealers, BB creams, and more throughout the yes. Some of these items are new to me while others are old (gone) news.

❖ ELF Illuminating Palette
At first I thought these colors were too sheer when I was testing them on my hand (you can see the palette open in the top image on this post). But when applied to my face in just the right places, I actually really enjoy the subtle highlights they created. I see myself pulling this palette for double duty — face and eyes! I definitely recommend this one to anyone looking for an easy, hassle free highlighter.

❖ ELF Blush in Berry Merry
This is one of those old news things that I really couldn't even bother to try out. I rarely ever use pink blushes, and when I do, I stay away from powders when I can. The pigment on Berry Merry is great, but just not for me.

❖ ELF Perfect Finish HD Powder
One of the first things I ever bought from elf was their HD powder. I liked it way back then, but now I'm not so keen on it. This pressed powder version is a step up, but still not as enjoyable (or applicable) as my matte powder I use on a daily basis.

❖ ELF Mattifying Blotting Papers
I was a little confused by these at first. Why is there a sponge in here? Turns out the sponge has little adhesive strips on the bottom that grip the blotting papers, making it easy to remove oil throughout the day. And the sheets have translucent powder in them, making them even better. In the past, I have neglected to carry blotting papers with me, because the cardboard holders always get destroyed in my bag. This set is in a nice plastic snap case with a mirror, so now these can survive the wear and tear of being inside my purse.

I would split these products half-and-half, as in I really enjoyed half of them and really did not care about the remainder. At the end of the day, ELF has lots of great products that are a great deal. Can't deny that!

What are your favorite drugstore cosmetic brands?


All products were provided by ELF Cosmetics. Opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Mini Penny Blog.

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