MINI PENNY: Review // Ion Color Brilliance Rose Gold Hair Color

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Review // Ion Color Brilliance Rose Gold Hair Color

To this day, an old post I did about Ion Color Brilliance Lavender Hair color is still very popular. I've used Ion Color Brilliance hair colors for quite some time (I have a PPD allergy and this is one I find that works very well for me) and was sick of Manic Panic colors fading so quickly. After shaving my head late last year, I decided to let it grow out a little bit and start dying it again. I went through the teal and blue and mint phases (all Ion!) and was on the hunt for purple dye on a recent trip to Sally's. That's when I saw their Metallic Rose Gold color and found myself immediately curious.

Sitting on the floor of the store, I was trying to Google color swatches of this color. I couldn't find anything. I didn't have a clue what to expect and the Sally's employees mentioned it was new and that they hadn't seen anyone use it yet. I figured there wasn't much to lose (except my hair? hah) and to give it a try. Of course, I bought a purple dye just in case I hated it and would need a cover up color.

I'm a big fan of rose gold jewelry and just assumed I could get along with this as well.

Per usual, I have to bleach my hair out beforehand. I have dark brown hair, so I lighten it as white as possible and then use a toner. I'm used to the regular ion dyes that actually dye your hair. Once my hair was ready to apply color and I read the instructions, I realized that this was different than what I normally use. Whoops! I probably should have checked that sooner.

What makes this different is that it's a "temporary dye." The box says that it last 1-2 shampoos, but I found that it only lasted one shampoo for me with virtually no staining on my white-out hair. To apply, I put on gloves and squeezed some of the very liquid color into my hand. You can see the metallic bits of it immediately! I applied it very sparingly to my hair in order to avoid that colored hair gel look that I absolutely despise.

Once applied, you don't rinse it out. Blow dry your hair and you're all set.

Yes! A car selfie!

Okay, so here's the deal. When I went to bed that night, I slept on a towel and naturally got some  (a lot) of bronze-y transfer. I had to be careful when changing my clothes to not get it on them. It is a fantastic color that I love, but it's very temporary. I rarely wash my hair, so I wore it about 5 days before rinsing it out, shampooing, and then applying it again for a second round. I love this color enough that I want to keep it — even sans the 'metallic' hints.

Catch? Ion just discontinued their semi-permanent Smokey Pink color. So I'm forced to try and mix something or whatever, but I don't really know if I have the patience for that (salmon? pink? I just don't know) and will probably return to purple. For the time being, this is a fun temporary color to throw in every once in a while — that is if I'm not planning on wearing white or using anyone else's pillows.

❖ Great color!
❖ Easy to apply
❖ Easy to wash out and change to another color — if you're into that.
❖ This is very affordable. I believe I paid around $6 for a bottle and with two applications haven't even come close to using half of the product.

❖ A little too temporary for me. I would love to have this color last for 8-10 washes!
❖ Expect transfer to your clothing or pillows.
❖ It can make your hair feel 'stiff' like a gel if you use too much.

They also make gold, gunmetal, and silver. I would love to try them all but am pretty sure I'd look like Sisqo with silver hair. One thing I'm unsure of is whether or not this works on dark hair. Does anyone have any experience with this? I'm guessing that with it being more of a gel that it may sit on the hair and show up alright. I am so curious to find out!

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