MINI PENNY: Arriving in Los Angeles for the Morrissey Convention

Monday, April 18, 2016

Arriving in Los Angeles for the Morrissey Convention

Yo, so I went to a Smiths/Morrissey convention. That's weird, right? Yeah, okay, yes. It just so happened to coincide with my Los Angeles trip, during the weekend that Roxy had her training. And Moz is my all-time favorite, so... why not?

Jacket, Levi's [ similar ]
Floral Surplice Cami, Forever 21
Filigree Earrings, Forever 21
Lace Bra, Urban Outfitters
Belt, Target
Black High Rise Denim, Madewell
Sunglasses, Profound Aesthetic [ similar ]

Basically everyone had to put up with my dumb Snapchat doodles all week. I rejoined a few weeks back and use it for behind-the-scenes stuff that doesn't make it to Instagram. Feel free to follow me — my username is MINIPENNYBLOG.

Arriving in Los Angeles was wonderful, per usual. The more time I spend here, the more I love it! My first night in the city, I hung out with old friends and hopped between bars and the Ace and some art studios.

 On Sunday, I got brunch and checked out some shops in Atwater Village with my pal Shawn. Him and I used to work at the Apple Store together many years ago in Ohio. Hanging out with him is the best — reminiscing on old times and catching up on all the new stuff in our lives!

So after all that, I went to the convention. It was weird and wonderful and hilarious. The people watching was entertaining and, even as a big Moz fan, it was sort of like observing some other planet as an outsider. I met a few really sterling people and picked up some miscellaneous Moz merch that made the whole thing worth while!

And this, of course. I made this custom jacket using the letters from World Famous Original. Now that nice weather is here, I'll be wearing this jacket a lot more often.

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