MINI PENNY: That One Time I Took a Summer Hiatus

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

That One Time I Took a Summer Hiatus

It's been two months since I've shared anything to Mini Penny Blog. I've spent a good chunk of this summer painting, being outside, meeting new people, and processing a few other issues big and small. I've had this itch for the past couple of weeks to put up some new content, but really have spent such a small amount of money shopping (that's a good thing!) considering that ... I bought a motorcycle on Memorial Day and have been sinking all of my money into getting her ready to ride.

I had been searching for this particular motorcycle for about 2-3 years — an early 70s Honda CB350. I ended up finding one on Craigslist (they tend to sell very quickly) and went out to the suburbs to look at it. I just had a good feeling that day that this would be the one. And alas, she was mine.

I also, obviously, took the plunge and shaved my head again. I've been wavering on growing it out, but it was damaged from all of the bleaching. I decided to start anew and buzz the whole thing. Right now, I feel like it's in an awkward fuzzy stage, but I find comfort in knowing that my hair grows very quickly.

How have you spent your summer? Did you travel anywhere fun? Meet any new people? Did you paint or get tattooed or ... buy a motorcycle, too?

Scoop-Back Cami, Forever 21
Embroidered Mesh Bralette, Forever 21
Striped Denim, c/o Articles of Society [ similar ]
Faux Suede Ankle Strap Heels, Forever 21
VS Fringe Backpack, Thrifted [ similar ]
Still Surprise You Choker, c/o Ettika
Rose Gold and Black Watch, The Horse
Sunglasses, c/o Freyers [ similar ]

Chicago! Tonight I'll be attending an event for Daniel Wellington at Belmont Army in Lakeview from 6-8! Please come say hello :)

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