MINI PENNY: Before It Snowed

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Before It Snowed

I shot these photos in September. Ugh. I felt as though this fall was so unexpectedly heavy — things were moving along well with getting Mini Penny back on track and getting organized at work and then I sort of fell into this weird funk.  Just a few days after I took these photos, I was hit by an SUV while riding my motorcycle. It wasn't nearly as serious as it could have been, but I was in physical pain and also facing what could have been a fatal injury. It weighed on me. I took some time off and traveled to the east coat to visit some friends, and came back and cranked through work at the tattoo shop. Meanwhile, the political climate has had me stressed. I didn't know how right it felt to write here when I felt like everything was sorta of falling apart. Last month, I flew to LA and landed on the other side of the country to my worst nightmare: a horrible misogynist monster had been elected as our president.

I've spent the last month in total disbelief — there have been so many text messages and phone calls to my loved ones checking in to make sure they're okay — and reassuring that I am to. As a survival of sexual assault, it's all been a weight on my shoulders. It's hard to explain. But after some self-love and some newly focused work endeavors, I'm here. I'm so ready to shoot. I'm so ready to write. And I'm so ready to get back to the Mini Penny routine.

This day was particularly wonderful, looking back. Allen and I went to the conservatory. We ate a nice lunch, enjoyed the early fall weather (it was hot, which I love), and just enjoyed the day off together. It's crazy to look at these and see how quickly my hair has grown!

These boots are perfect for the fall to winter transition. We're feeling that right now in Chicago — it's currently snowing outside my window. Layering some boots and coats up is admittedly a fun way to mix and match my wardrobe, so seeing these boots go from a warm day in a dress to a cold day in December really attests to their versatility.

What have you all been up to these past few months? How have you been dealing with the daily news? Every day seems increasingly more terrifying and shocking.

All we can do now is be kind to each other and lend an ear when needed.

Vintage Levi's Jacket, Randolph Street Market [ similar ]
Darkest Fantasy Shift Dress, TOBI [ similar | similar ]
Necklace, DIY [ similar ]
Thigh High Socks, Free People [ similar ]
Ness Boots, c/o CAT Footwear [ or here ]

Photos by Allen Samuel Lee.

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