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Friday, May 12, 2017

Daily Harvest

One of my favorite grab-and-go foods in the mornings are smoothies! I definitely get stuck in the groove of making the same smoothies every day, which is where Daily Harvest comes in! Daily Harvest delivers pre-portioned, frozen smoothies to your home — just add almond milk and blend! Click through for more info on how you can get free smoothies with your first order.

I think my favorite is the Mint + Cacao and the Carrot + Chai! I've loved trying new flavor combinations to keep my morning routine interesting. It's been a quick change, too — I'm ready to go in three steps! This Mint + Cacao smoothie tastes like Mint Chocolate Chip, which I can never say no to.

Not only do they do smoothies — but there are soups too! These have been great for cold mornings when I want to have something warm on my walk to the studio.

Make your first order at Daily Harvest using the code jessie and you'll get 3 free smoothies! What's your favorite smoothie combo?

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