MINI PENNY: Facetory March and April Boxes

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Facetory March and April Boxes

It took me a while to get through these two boxes since I had my freckles and eyebrows tattooed last month! I was unable to do any sheet masks for a couple of weeks and I was dying to get back into my routine! Well, I finally made it through all ten (and now I have my June box waiting to be reviewed) and there were so many good sheet masks in these! Click through for more details and links.

April Box
Ariul 7 Days Mask Lemon — This seemed like a pretty basic mask. It's a milky texture with a light lemon scent. I used it on an evening in which my skin was feeling extra dry and it was a soothing relief.
Belborn Intensive Bounce Ampul Mask — I used this one before my makeup routine. My skin felt wonderful afterwards! It's an intense moisture mask with lots of vitamins for healthy looking skin.
❖ Dearpacker Smart Solution Nourishing Mask — I loved the texture of this one, but it smelled too "sweet" for me. I can't exactly pinpoint what the scent was, but it reminded me of something from my youth and just struck me as odd.
❖ Holika Holika Skin Recuser Mask Sheet — This one was a strange shape. I'm not sure if I got an irregular sheet mask or maybe they're all like that. Either way, it was a milky and moisturizing mask. With anti-inflammatory agents and anti-irritation elements, this left my skin feeling so soft and calm.
❖ Dewytree Whitening Deep Mask —I love this soft, green mask. It smells wonderful and fresh. Made from papaya proteins and lemongrass extract for exfoliation and brightening.
❖ Oka Recipe Moisturizing Sheet Mask — This mask is really milky and soft. It's intentions are to moisturize, condition, and brighten with sunflower oil extract and aloe vera extract. It's recommended for night use, which is how I used it, for the most moisture retention.
❖ O & Young Beauty Solution Clear Coating Hydrogel Mask — I normally love hydrogel masks! However, this clear version was extremely dry and didn't do much for me. I would say that this was easily the most disappointing hydrogel I've used.

May Box
Duft & Soft Pink Milk Mask — I adore this mask! It's the perfect color of pink and it's so soft and milky, hence the name. This is a really popular mask in Korea at the moment and I can see why! It contains milk extract, which helps brighten skin, plus other ingredients to help combat redness, wrinkles, and hyper-pigmentation. It felt so wonderful and soft on my skin!
Shine K Super Food Berry Honey Mask Pack — I'm not too fond of this one. It smells a little too much like a raspberry candle. I personally am not into anything that's too sweet.
SNP Jelly Vita Firming Toning Mask — I really didn't care for the texture of this one. It felt a little cheap compared to other masks at the same price range.
❖ Leaders Shining Effect Aquatoning Pearl Mask —This was a great but didn't have any factors that made is stand out from the others.
The Art:Cell Aurora Pearl Mask Pack —This mask is great! It had a wonderful texture and sheer sheet, with just the slightest tiny of pink. Aurora pearl essence for a brightening glow.
❖ Dr. Jart Ceramidin Mask —Hands-down, this is my most favorite mask I've ever used. I can't wait to purchase more of this one! The texture is amazing, and it was so moisturizing. It's meant for dryness and uneven texture. Highly recommended!
Frienvita Aqua Gold Glow Mask —This is a black mask, which means I was in love from the get go. There are little flecks of gold. It's supposed to model octopus tentacle adhesion — I don't have tentacles to compare it to, but it felt great regardless! This left my skin feeling so bright and fresh.

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