MINI PENNY: Facetory May and June Boxes

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Facetory May and June Boxes

It took me a while to get through the May and June Facetory boxes, but here they are! There were so many good masks (and possibly my favorite hydrogel ever!) and I tried out each and every one of them. Click through for more details.

May Box
Belborn 5 Minutes Mask — I had high hopes for this one but it really left me hanging. The time frame (5 minutes!) was desirable but it left a really strange film over my skin. I won't be using this one again!
Bad Skin Quick Repairing SOS Super Mask —This one is soft and light! It's very refreshing and cooling on a hot summer day. The contents help prompt the production of collagen.
Faith in Face I Need SOS Mask — I've learned recently that I really love the pearl sheet masks! They're so soft and soothing. This one had to be left on for 20 minutes, which is longer than I normally do, but made my skin feel oh-so-good.
JayJun Multi-Vita Tone Up Mask — Another great mask! I loved the serum in this one. The sheet is comfortable and soft and it wasn't too sticky. Contains Vitamin C, E, B3, B5 and B6 and is very moisturizing!
The Oozoo Power Capsule Lightening Mask —This capsule mask was fun to start – popping the capsule and swishing around the mask to cover it in the oil. I'm already using oil in my skincare routine, so finding this option with green tea and black current oil is appealing. The mask itself is soft, but it so wet that it felt like it was going to slide off of my face. It's probably best for a relaxing mask day. Regardless, I loved the texture and moisturizing effects of this one.
Leaders Violet Energy Coconut Bio Mask with Blueberry — At first I thought I would hate this. I normally don't like masks or other products with fruity scents, so I was hesitant. However, it wasn't terrible. It was slightly confusing because when opened, it had three layers that needed peeled apart and it didn't explain it very well. The mask itself was fine, but wasn't one of my favorites.
Skintalk Dr. OOLA V-Tok Mask — I should have read the instructions a little more closely! It was a little cumbersome to do the whole process. The mask itself was tingly and felt nice, but the smell was unpleasant and the serum left a film. It had a lot of Vitamin C in it, but seemed to have very little payoff.

June Box
Skinion Mexico Nopal Cactus Water Bomb Mask — I used this before my Ohio trip and it was a great simple, moisturizing mask to get my week started. The nopal cactus is packed with all sorts of nutrients for the skin. I loved this one!
Dearpacker Step Solution Anti Pollution Mask — This mask is a three step process. The first step is an anti-pollution clay mask that I really fell in love with. I did a bit of search online but couldn't find if Dearpacker makes this clay mask as a standalone product. Second is a charcoal sheet mask. It felt a little heavier than normal, but was refreshing. Third is an essence that you massage into your skin. It was a milky consistency and there is a lot — so I used it on my face, neck and chest. It's very refreshing and left my skin feeling very clean and moisturized!
Tomaru Camellia Mask — I loved the feeling of this mask and the scent, but it did leave a little bit of a film. However, it did make my skin feel great!
Adeline Keep Cool and Let Shine Mask — I used this during my Ohio trip. It was perfect after being out of my skincare routine for a few days. After hiking in the humidity, it helped make my skin feel back to normal. The name and packaging I find to be a bit (okay, a lot) cringe worthy. But otherwise it's pretty good!
Hectic It's Pack Time AM 07:00 Mask — This one is a bit different in that the serum is only on one side. It's meant to be used in the morning and since it isn't wet on one side, you can style your hair, etc. Aside from that, it's generally a good mask. It is very moisturizing!
Skin deCeleb White Flower Celeb Mask —The Celeb Mask is great! I love the packaging so much. There was a lot of extra serum. It was very cooling and make my skin feel great! I did this mask prior to going out. It's full of floral extracts and collagen to moisturizing and add nutrients.
Lindsay Water Balance Mask — Per usual, I'm obsessed with the hydrogel mask! This is my favorite mask in a while. I used to before a date and my skin looked and felt so moisturized and wonderful! I was glowing! I'd certainly considering going out and buying more of this specific mask for future use.

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