MINI PENNY: Facetory July Box

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Facetory July Box

I've been so behind on my Facetory boxes! July's box was pretty great and I can't wait to spoil myself by getting caught up on August and September quickly. Click through for the details on each of the masks I received in my box and links to where you can pick them up for yourself!

Skinion Martini Pack, U Feel Tipsy! — I was hesitant on this one since food/drink-scented items turn me off. The mask was kind of thick. Even though it didn't have much of a scent, it felt a little sticky and I definitely had to rinse afterwards. I personally wouldn't find myself using this one again.
Dearpacker Nourishing Bio Cellulose Mask — Hooray! A tea mask! This one made my skin feel soft and smooth. It did, however, have a weird shape. It's cut longer on the bottom to treat neck wrinkles. But the sheet itself is super soft and comfortable. I loved this one and will be using it again!
Leaders Insolution Coconut Water Gel Luminous Mask — I loved the July box because it had two gel masks! They're my absolute favorite. This one was comfortable and soft and made my skin feel fantastic. Highly recommended!
Double & Zero Espresso Revital Ampoule Mask — I really wanted to be excited about this because I love coffee and espresso. While it seemed like a great basic mask, there wasn't anything terribly memorable about it. Maybe I'm spoiled by using so many amazing masks! I really wish this one had a little more of a coffee smell to it.
Skin's Boni Yogurt Mask Pack — I saved this one for last because I was worried it would have a fruity smell. It didn't! I was pleasantly surprised that this mask was wonderful! The goal of the yogurt mask is to balance the pH level of  your skin. I relaxed with one of these after a long weekend of music festivals and parties, and it felt like the perfect detox for my face.
The Mochi Blue-Deep Moisture Mask — Could this be any cuter? It was a blue mask and was ulta-moisturizing. This was the second hydrogel mask in the box and it was by far my favorite! It's packed with Vitamin C and E, making for tight and healthy skin.
H. Lab Black Truffle Aqua Mask —This is another one that is a good basic mask but didn't feel special compared to everything else in my box. Black truffle masks are supposed to be a big deal, but I sort of blended in with the rest! I do always appreciate a mask that doesn't leave a sticky film, though! Give it a try!

What new sheet masks have you tried this month?

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