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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

My Favorite Simply Scrub Organic Body Scrubs

I love scrubs! Just a few days ago, I talked about my skin routine and facial exfoliant, and today I want to talk about body scrubs! I've shared a few on Mini Penny Blog before and I'm really excited to introduce these four to you! Introducing Simply Scrub and their 100% Natural and Organic body scrubs. Click through for the details on which ones I loved the most.

Rose Body Scrub // The texture, color and scent of this scrub is so lovely! I love using this one as a way to relax. The Vitamin C and almond oil is great for skin imperfections. The texture is far less gritty that other scrubs, making it a gentle shower solution that I reach for over and over again.

Chocolate Body Scrub //  The Chocolate scrub smells like candy. My sweet tooth was off the charts with this one! It has just the right amount of texture for light exfoliating and added cocoa butter for a smoothing feeling. This one feels fantastic in a hot shower!

Coffee Body Scrub // Coffee scrubs are typically my go-to. I've used so many different brands and I've even made my own! I love the Simply Scrub Coffee Body Scrub because it has added Mineral  Dead Sea Salt and tea tree oil. It smells outstanding and I recommend this to everyone! It's the perfect scrub!

Soursop Body Scrub // I was most excited to try the Soursop scrub and it turned out to be my favorite! It's the perfect combination of moisturizing and exfoliating. Even though I'm obsessed with the coffee scent, the soursop smells super clean and relaxing. It reminds me of chamomile or mint.

What type of scrubs to your prefer? If you're looking up to pick up some new ones, I recommended giving the coffee and soursop a try from Simply Scrub!


This sponsored post is brought to you by Simply Scrub. Thank you for supporting brands that support Mini Penny Blog. All opinions and suggestions are my own.

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