MINI PENNY: Saying 'No' In 2017

Monday, September 11, 2017

Saying 'No' In 2017

The other day I had a Facebook notification that it has been four years since I moved from Philadelphia to Chicago. Philly left me reeling and I was determined to escape the fear from my failure at work and in relationships. I failed in Philadelphia. It took me a while to redeem my feelings for it — but it shaped me. The past four years have been cloud nine. I have been fortunate enough to weed out the bullshit. Those failures made me want to be a yes-(wo)man. And I was, for a while. But 2017 has taught me how important it is to know when to say no when someone or something is simply asking too much.

Learning to say no is important to me when I'm feeling spread too thin. It's important when an acquaintance expects to take advantage of free services or work. It's important when a potential partner isn't respecting my space nor body nor mind. It's important when the Domino's app asks if I wanna make my pizza larger for just two dollars more. It's important when I receive a barrage of texts from male "friends" who are disappointed when I have changed my Facebook relationship status away from 'single.'

Seriously, what the fuck is that about, men? 

The ins and outs of human connection are to vast and personal to bore the planet with why so-and-so isn't a friend anymore or other petty differences. I'm all about the friends who support my business, the readers who click affiliate links, the clients who come in for eyebrows, the brands that I believe in and choose to advertise with, and the artists' and activists' whose work I admire. These are all the wonderful people who make these projects worth continuing. By saying no to people in 2017, I have found myself in the company of the most inspiring, kind, and caring people in Chicago.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Floral Print Cami Wrap Dress, c/o Zaful via Wikibuy
Boucle Cardigan, Uniqlo [ similar ]
Thigh High Socks, American Apparel [ similar ]
Courtney Lace Up Boots, c/o The Frye Company
Necklaces, Zara and Forever 21
Earrings, Forever 21


I'm stepping out of my norm and wearing yellow. I scored this dress via Zaful and Wikibuy. If you're unfamiliar with Wikibuy, check it out! It's a really great tool to make sure you get the best deals when shopping on various stores across the web.

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