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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Just Add Upbra

I'm normally a bralette woman. In the past I have found that my traditional bras have been uncomfortable or just didn't fit right. I though it was me and my body, but then I tried Upbra. Through their website and measuring tools, I discovered that I've been wearing the wrong size bra all along. Not only do I now have the right size, but these miracle bras give me a little extra lift and cleavage on days that my outfit just needs it. See my before and afters and more info about their measuring tools after the jump!

Of course I stuck with the classics — The Upbra Classic T-shirt Bra in White (which I'm wearing in these photos) and the Upbra Miraculous Stay-Up Strapless Bra in Black. Both of these work great with my wardrobe and have a comfortable fit. Next up, I need to get myself the nude bra!

See the difference a little bra makes? It has been so long since I've worn a push-up style and I'm really please with how this shapes and supports my bust. I works really great with my summer dresses and snug crop tops since I can wear them all day.

If you're wondering about this measuring tool I mentioned — let. me. tell. you. I was skeptical at first and felt a little silly using my phone to measure my boobs. But it worked. Just head over to their Mobile Bra Size Calculator to start!

You'll start out by selecting your mobile device and follow the steps to measure yourself from different positions and sides. The process ended up being very easy and was quite fascinating. When it was all finished, I learned that I am actually a 32C, not a 34B as I have believed for many years.

When my Upbras came and I tried them on, I couldn't believe how well they fit. I didn't have any gaps and no too-loose straps. And it was all in perfect timing for all of the summer weddings I'm attending.

One more feature (that is the coolest IMO) is how these work. Instead of normal push up bras that are just filled with a ton of extra padding, these have strategic straps on the inside that let you customize how much cleavage you want. I've showed this cool design to all my girlfriends and we all agree that it's cleaver and a nice change from the bras we are used to.

And these extra hearts on the inside of the cup are little silicone details that are one more element of how their strapless bras stay up. Definitely add one of their strapless versions to your wardrobe if you haven't already!

Head over to Upbra and see their options, plus measure yourself using their Mobile Bra Size Calculator. I hope you find your perfect bra that not only makes you feel good, but lets you be comfortable all day long.

This sponsored post is brought to you by Upbra. Thank you for supporting brands that support Mini Penny Blog. All opinions and suggestions are my own. 

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