MINI PENNY: Accessing Chicago with Car2Go

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Accessing Chicago with Car2Go

One of my favorite things about Chicago is that there's so much to see and do. It's a big city and if you want to get around, you have a few options: public transit, ride shares, and driving. Personally, I love to drive. Most of my friends are surprised to hear this considering that I don't own a car. I've tried many of the rental services available, but always wished for one thing — one-way options. When I discovered car2go, I was ecstatic. Finally, a free floating carsharing service that fits all of my needs: affordable, available, and so much fun. Read on to see why I love to drive and how I use my car2go vehicle!

As a blogger, shooting takes up a big part of creating content for Mini Penny Blog. Since I don't own a car, it can sometimes prove difficult to plan an outing of multiple outfits that include changes of shoes, accessories, and more. And don't even get me started on photo equipment!

Now I can pack up and take what I need, at my own pace.

A big bonus for me is that I love how these cars drive. Today I went with the Mercedes-Benz GLA, but through car2go you can have access to this and other eco friendly cars. I've been seeing the Smart Fourtwo's all over my neighborhood, which makes sense considered there are 400 car2go vehicles across Chicago. A bonus? Fuel, parking, insurance and maintenance are all included in your trip cost, so there's no need to work about spending extra cash at the pump.

Another fun and quick trip? Snacks. Always snacks. Pretty Cool Ice Cream just opened up and I really wanted to go see what flavors they have today! Since there's no direct and easy public transportation from my house to Logan Square, car2go was the easiest and most affordable way to go pick up a popsicle. The trip is a little under 15 minutes, which in most rideshares would cost around $10. Fifteen minutes with car2go starts are just $4.35, giving me funds to buy extra popsicles for all my friends.

And the rain? Yeah, of course it rained. This is Chicago, afterall. No more waiting for the bus and getting my shoes wet. Car2go is on demand and ready to go when I am!

My third (and possibly favorite reason) to use this service? Thrifting. I swear that if there's something that has stuck with me throughout my entire life, it's that I love a good deal. Thrifting, yard sales, and estate sales are my happy place. Having this Mercedes-Benz GLA on hand was perfect for packing up all of my good finds for a safe and easy trip back home.

I've been getting back into my swing of regular weekly thrift shopping, so you know this will come in handy for my lucky days!

As someone seasoned in car rental and share services, I can truly vote car2go as my favorite. I'm so happy that they're finally in Chicago.

To celebrate their launch, you can get free registration and a $15 drive credit when you use the code CHIMINI. There are no monthly or annual fees, so there's literally nothing to lose (except maybe that excuse not to leave the house). Register for free today at, hop in a car, and go explore a new-to-you neighborhood before the summer is over!


This sponsored post is brought to you in collaboration with car2go. Thank you for supporting brands that support Mini Penny Blog. All opinions and suggestions are my own.

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