MINI PENNY: Gaylord and the 45th Parallel

Friday, September 14, 2018

Gaylord and the 45th Parallel

I thought this was one of the coolest things on the trip. Outside of Gaylord, Michigan, there is this big sign on the side of the road noting the 45th Parallel. We also passed by one somewhere in Wisconsin on our way back home (but the sign wasn't as interesting as this one). Have you visited any 45th Parallel signs elsewhere in the country?

We stopped in Gaylord to stretch our legs and get some lunch, and I was please by how quaint and Alpine-esque this place was. Opal loved walking around the big sidewalks and going into the little boutiques.  I came to find out that the Detroit Art Museum has a bunch of placed "exhibits" in various towns throughout Michigan. I saw at least two in Gaylord and happened upon a few others in Mackinac!

This is Opal's face when she realizes we're all out of French Fries.

Striped Top, Marshall's [ similar | similar ]
High Rise Denim, Madewell
Cable Open Cardigan, Target
White Sneakers, Target

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