MINI PENNY: Arriving in Mexico City

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Arriving in Mexico City

It's been months since I've posted here. Part of me isn't sure what happened with Mini Penny in 2020, but another part of me knows that I needed a little bit of a break. Between world news, a completely full work schedule, and Chicago winters, I took a little breather. Last month over Valentine's Day, Yoshi and I took a week trip to Mexico City. We've had it planned since August and it really came at the perfect time for us both. Click through for our first day adventures in Ciudad de Mexico.

We always have to start with coffee. Dosis was recommended by our AirBNB hosts and it did not disappoint. It was a beautiful space and (best of all) we got to see owners bring their dogs in and out as they grabbed their morning coffee.

Most of our Must-See places on our lists revolved around food. I had to stop by this enormous bakery, Pasteleria Ideal. We picked up a few small goodies — it was overwhelming but delightful. We walked around the center of the city and wanted to see the cathedrals and government buildings during our first day.

I had seen so many photos of this beautiful building but wasn't expecting to just walk upon it. We were actually turning a corner on our way to a Kpop store (which was actually a bunch of booths in a super cramped and hot market — not what I expected, but fascinating nonetheless!) and bam, there it was.

Knowing how big Mexico City is, we split our week up into three different AirBNBs in different neighborhoods. Our first spot was dubbed The Pink Panther and I'll give you one guess why I wanted to stay here. It was beautiful, minimal, and pink. It was perfect for our first couple of days and give me some serious home inspiration in the process.

I found so much joy in all of the plant varieties around the city.

Walking the grounds of Palacio Nacional, we saw a lot of beautiful art, history and plants.

Naturally I gravitated towards the color markets and even walked by (and subsequently down) Mexico City's Chinatown. This city is filled with so much brightness!

Have you been to Mexico City? If you're planning a trip, check out my Liist Recommendations!

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