Thursday, March 19, 2020


I'm not even sure how to start a blog post about this. Right now is an uncertain, scary, and anxious time for me and many people all over the world. This past weekend I made the very hard decision to temporarily close my tattoo shop and practice Social Distancing. I know more people out of work right now than those who are working. Many of us are at home and not sure for how long. I worked from home for most of 2014 and I gotta say -- I half liked it and half hated it. Now that we're in a scenario where staying home is the best way to combat the spread of COVID-19, I'm trying to remind myself of ways to stay organized and on-track. I've created this free printable sheet to help you too! Click through for the Dropbox download link and some tips for how you can use it.

I'm a big list maker. I love lists. By making this, it helps me know what I'm doing each day, how to meal plan (and thaw frozen food for the next day's meal), and take moments for myself. When I worked from home, separating "work time" from "me time" was my biggest hurdle, and this helps. I hope it helps you too!

Some ways that you can fill in your calendar:

♡ Work tasks: Make sure you're limiting your work time to your regular schedule. Create those boundaries for your own sanity! Remember to take your regular breaks for food and ESPECIALLY to get up, stretch out, move positions, and take a breather.
♡ Self care: like sheet masks, meditation, yoga, or taking a walk outside (isolated!)
♡ Meal planning: What's your dinner plan for each night? This can prepare you for how to best use your food for the coming weeks and limit your grocery store runs.
♡ Social time: While I discourage socializing, technology helps make this much easier. I've been dedicating time to text friends, call family, do Netflix Parties (Scener works too!), and draw with my nieces and nephews. There are some great educators doing Facebook Live feeds (Check out Harptoons every day at 2pm EST) to show kids how to draw simple and fun characters. I've been doing it with family members and it has been a great way to break up my day and see them be creative.
♡ Learn: Use this time to learn something new! There are so many useful YouTube videos on every topic you could think of --  macrame, friendship bracelets, languages, Procreate, and more! I personally have signed up for some continue microblading video education. Many educational institutions are offering free access to some of their classes right now as well.
♡ Entertain yourself: Rent a movie, pick up that audiobook, learn that TikTok dance. There is no shame in dedicating a whole day to binging 90 Day Fiance if you want. We all deserve a break from this hellscape every once in a while.
♡ Spring Cleaning: Now's a great time to clear your space and feel good about your home. You're probably going to be here for a little bit. I'll soon be posting a cleaning checklist for how I break things down room by room!
♡ Get Creative: Download some coloring sheets, draw, paint, make music, or anything in between. Taking a break from the screens feels nice. Who cares if you "can't draw"? Channel your feelings into something!

These are uncharted waters for us and during this time, I want to remain respectful with my content. Are there certain things you want to see? Are blogs and Instagram your escapism and you look forward to seeing outfits and travel photos? I have loads of photos to share from our Mexico trip and I hope to sprinkle them between posts about recommendations, tips, local business support, and more. Tell me what you're looking for!

Download my Isolation Agenda here. It's free to use of course, I just ask that you please not re-distribute it as your own. The PDF is already sized for you to print at home!

Be kind to one another. We're all in this together. Stay home as much as you can and please think about the most vulnerable persons and businesses in your communities. The sooner we can all band together, the sooner we can get through this storm.

Sending you all lots of love!

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